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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Riding The Crest Of Creativity


Each morning I get worse. I so very badly need a long, deep sleep. When I do manage to get to sleep, my mind buzzes into the world of Jackie McCann. It has been an obsession for so long now (almost 7 months) that I am not sure how I am going to handle it when the day arrives for the last word to be written. It's going to leave a huge crater that's for sure.

This lack of sleep is beginning to have an effect on me other than chronic tiredness. I'm starting to feel run down and I woke with a sore head and my sinuses all stuffed up. I'd better have it shaken before the weekend; it's my sister's birthday and we're going through to Glasgow for a meal.

I wrote up an e-mail to the Leith FM radio people and fired off a couple of requests to their websites. If this fails, I'm going round to their office once they get it open. They've just blagged some free office space for a couple of months to work on the project so I'll just have to walk in the front door if I need to.

I'll offer an interview, a reading and an on-air competition to win free subscriptions to Hunting Jack. That is, if it suits their style, but reading the general specs I'm sure it can fit in somewhere.

And get this. While checking out their media website, it appears there is also a Leith TV station! Whit!? I downloaded a form for a programme proposal and though this may sound conceited, I think they should do a documentary on me. I could take them to Jackie's world and actually SHOW my readers where he lived on the streets, and talk about the story. I can talk about the promotional work the story is doing for Leith and Edinburgh and of course, the fact that I am a local author publishing to an international market. :-)

I read the first script in the BBC sitcom book over lunch. I've decided when I read each one, to jot down some general thoughts and feelings about it. Then I'll write a short blurb for the ending I would give it, should I choose it. Then I'll give it an overall mark out of 5. When I've done this for all of them, I'll decide on my choice and then do the script for it.

I worked on the poem I started yesterday. I've not got a title yet either but it's coming on. I'm not quite sure what structure to use as it's pretty 'free verse' at the moment, but it's packed with atmosphere and 19th Century spirit.

I looked out my old table for my computer, now that my desk is dismantled and gone. It's actually a better height and it gives me more room so I think I'll stick with it for the foreseeable future. If I do get a new desk, I won't go for one like I had. I much prefer a simple table; nothing fancy - just long and flat. All my books and reference material can go into folders and onto a bookshelf when we move.

I hit another rich seam of creativity again tonight. I wrote out four issues of Hunting Jack and broke the 70,000 word mark. I am really riding the crest of the creativity wave just now and really loving it. I found out something new about Jackie I never knew before - he sounds a bit like Rod Stewart when he sings!

Gail went to bed early (I really should have too) and before I knew it the time had encroached into the early hours once more. I just know I am going to regret it in the morning.
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