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Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 Is Here

Hello, good day and welcome.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that the 2007 will bring you and your family good luck, laughter and fun.

I had big plans for my first post since the Christmas and New Year holidays, but alas, I left my notes elsewhere and so had to re-write all this from scratch. In these well prepared notes I had my summary of my December GDR, my 2006 GDR Review and of course, my 2007 GDR Plans. I'll post all of these later tonight under separate headings.

My holidays were heavy going in the respect that I was busy, but content in my activity, hence why I never posted. There was nothing sinister going on, I just wanted to make it the best Christmas me and my family have had.

The lead up to Christmas Eve was exciting as we enjoyed a house full of Chrimbo cheer, watched films, ate well and went out for walks in the nearby woods (walkway) and the Links. Christmas Day was spent as usual over at the in-laws. This year it proved to be quite roudy and entertaining, so it was by far the best one they've had. Carol excelled herself with her cooking, and Ian guided me through a mixture of wine, Guinness and whisky.

I had no work in the gap between the two weekends, and so spent all my time with the family before we headed west to see my parents on the 28th, and Christmas Day Pt.2. It was great to have the whole family together again over a meal and lots of drinking that went on until the early hours. Most enjoyable.

Next day we trooped up to The Trossachs and enjoyed five days with close friends eating, drinking, laughing and having loads of fun. Even the blackout at 9.20pm on Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) failed to spoil our collective good spirited mood, and despite having our big steak pie dinner ruined, we ploughed on towards the bells drinking by candle-light and playing Charades.

I wrote nothing over the two weeks, preferring to use my spare time to assess myself, where I am, what I've achieved and to try and get a better idea of where I really want to go. I came up with some answers, and some fresh enlightenment fell my way. These will be revealed in my 2007 GDR Plan. Let's just say I intend to streamline my activities in 2007, my non-writing goal for this year is most interesting, and I have decided not to throw religion out of my life entirely without one more throw at the dice.

The storms that lashed Scotland over the New Year period meant my article for The Scruffy Dog Review is now a pile of mince since the actual event I was "reviewing" was cancelled. This needs to be re-written quickly and sent off to the Editor tonight.

On Hogmanay the anthology, A Pocketful of Fun A Collection of Poems for Children, was published by Forward Press (ISBN: 1844184390). It contains my kids poem, River Monkeys and is on sale at WH Smith, priced £14.99. You can also buy it online here, though there is no front cover to admire as yet.

Today is the calmest day weather-wise we have had for quite a while. Blue skies reflect the chill in the air, and the breeze is calm and easy. I feel strangely at war with myself, as I always seem to do at this time of year.

It's a strange mixture of the holiday blues, mixed with the knowledge that another year has gone and another is beginning. Right now I am in the Ground Down Phase, guilty for the over-indulgence and feelings of worthlessness at work. I search hard for inspiration and excitement to get me going again and feeling good about myself at this early stage of the year.

Next month the Rugby Phase will begin with the start of the Six Nations Rugby Championship. Edinburgh will host Wales, Italy and Ireland in Edinburgh, which means days out drinking with the kilt on through to April. Cannae wait for that.

Then the Spring Phase, where plans are made for summer, and anything can happen. The Summer Phase is probably my least favourite next to this one where the heat becomes unbearable, only made worthwhile by the calm and quite evenings spent in the garden. The Festival will be back in town and all that involves, which is always interesting.

Then it will be back to the Autumn Phase - my favourite - where creativity will peak, NaNo will begin and all thoughts turn to the end of year celebrations once more.

As I sit and write this I know I am happy with all I have. I'm just not happy enough. I'm not content, not satisfied. I want success and I want to stand straight among my peers and look them in the eye. I want to hand my boss that letter and turn swiftly from this rat-infested race, couped up in this fancy chicken shed doing nothing worthwhile, motivating or indeed challenging.

This is one invisible square I have outgrown. Time to step over the line and embrace life before it's too fucking late. Noone is going to do it for me.
Colin 1:34 pm


Welcome back, Colin! I'm glad you had such a great time.

I'm hoping that this is the year you get to leave your box and burst forth with all the creativity you've got!

Rooting for you!

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