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Thursday, September 08, 2005

11 Hour Day? Get Outta Here!

Autumn is approaching; it's my favourite time of the year. With the changing of the season my routine changes also, from late riser to morning person. Today signalled this arrival, because despite my struggle to sleep last night, I woke at 6am and was showered, dressed, e-mailed, coffeed-up and out the door by ten to seven. By 7.35 am I was at my desk and wondering what the hell I was doing.

I like early morning at this time of year. It reminds me of when I worked in Safeway and would start shifts at 6am. In those days life was wild, I was young and everything revolved around Fury Murry's nightclub in Glasgow. When I left the house dawn had just broken over the port and a light mist was still rising from the stretching lawns of Leith Links. Out to sea, I could see large ships on the horizon of the River Forth and the night silence still hung over the homes and streets. If only it was always like thist.

Tomorrow it is meant to rain which means I'll have to consider what I am going to wear for the Rankin interview. Since I'm bussing to a part of town I don't know that well, the last thing I want is to turn up on his doorstep drenched. Fingers crossed for kindly (or no) precipitation.

By ten am I was starving but resisted the urge to go out and buy crisps by drinking more crappy coffee from the office machine. Instead, I signed up to be a full citizen of the Nation of Lovely. . How - lovely!

I updated my publisher's listings, which took me a while to sort out the marketable with the not-so-marketable. Got a list now of around 70 targetable markets plus what is in my Artist's and Writer's Yearbook.

I worked for 11 hours today - actually in the office! Quite remarkable but I was eager to get home for one last run through of my plan of action for meeting Ian Rankin tomorrow. I gave all my notes a final run through, organised my notebook and research material, checked the tape recorder (with spare batteries and tapes), got a couple of brand new pens out the stationery cupboard and went over it one last time in my mind.

I organised my questions into sections and ordered them all logically, so as to start the questions easily and move in a direction that I can explore what I'm after.

I'm nervous, very nervous in fact, but I'm also looking forward to it immensely. My questions, I hope, are intelligent and mixed, covering his work, Edinburgh and his process of writing novels about Inspector Rebus. I'm hoping to stimulate some exciting conversation.

Here I go. Wish me luck!
Colin 9:42 pm


Sounds like an exciting interview - good luck!
Best of luck with the interview. Rankin and Rebus...good stuff.
Good luck - although you're probably already done with the interview by now.

PS I love Autumn too!
I know your interview went great. Congrats!

Wish we had seasons here. It goes from HOT to COLD and back again in 2.3 seconds. Ah well. That's Texas for ya.

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