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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New Blogs

It was beautifully sunny and warm today over Edinburgh, and as I sat in the No.12 on my way up Leith Walk I noticed a shop that is bound to benefit from the weather. It's a wee shop that grows plants (what pants it never said) and is called Sunshine On Leaf; a pun on the unofficial phrase coined by The Proclaimer's song, Sunshine On Leith. It made me smile.

Work dragged as it always seems to do when the weather is nice. The bosses have selected the new department structure and I never got my request fulfilled. So unless a miracle happens it's going to be pretty much the same old stuff from here on in. Me and another from my team are amalgamating with others selected from the two other teams. Fine - but they moan and bicker about the slightest thing. Even as I write, one of the old guys is over moannig at having to move desk. So effing what?

Over lunch I penned a Haiku poem and discovered two new worthy blogs, which I have added to my list on the left:

Let Loose in Leith

Ethan Winter: Novellist

I have also added the links to two poets I like to read:

Ogden Nash

Rick Lupert

You can also now translate this blog into 8 different languages at the click of a mouse's button! WOW! The technology advances, and the blog improves. *Sigh.*

If I told you of a case being heard of an 8-year old girl, accused of being a witch and tortured for 15 months you might be forgiven for thinking I was referring to the history of the Britain many centuries ago. But no, this is in the UK in the year 2005, and the case was heard at the Old Bailey in London today. What the hell?
(warning: this report may disturb)

Gail has a heavy week of socialising and she was out again with people from her old work for drink tonight. They went to the dingy basement pub, The Black Bull, on Leith Street; a strange choice I thought given it was the perfect weather for sitting on The Shore or on the pavement at the Grassmarket.

I'm not bothered though as I am going to see Oasis this Sunday, which will be an all-day and all-night party. It also gave me time to write and I worked more on Monday Morning's and get a re-write into its third draft; this time told in third person pov, which works much better.

I also wrote issue 74 of Hunting Jack; 2 down, 7 to go. Why am I getting nervous about this?
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