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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

September GDR List

Slept better last night, though the heat that seems to have followed me back from Spain is not welcome and I wish it would go away. It is September, therefore rain and cool pressure areas should be moving in. But they aren't and an Indian summer looks like it's beckoning.

I worked on some research for a project coming to fruition on Friday, which meant a trip to Argos, heavy use of Google and lots of reading of paperbacks and printouts from the PC. More on this later.

I started work on Whisky Snatching in the evening. It got a lot of feedback from a critique circle I'm part of and a lot of them highlighted the same themes needing work on. Not a small job either, and I kind of new it was coming, so it will mean the final version being a lot more different to what I originally envisaged. It's very hard though, because this one is specifically for a competition and the remit is 16-1800 words only.

I read three more of my new Rick Lupert chapbooks; I'm a Jew Are You?, Brendan Constantine is My Kind of Town and Up Liberty's Skirt. All of them are excellent and truly inspiring.

Enough waffle, here's what you've all been waiting for. I'm going to do all of this!

September's GDR

* Submit On A Monday Morning to WM competition - ready - need to post with cheque
* Final edit on Whisky Snatching and submit to WM (deadline Jan' 06)
* Pitch What A Waste to high-ranking paying markets only
* Get on top of submissions list
* Refresh myself with A Friend to Die For using methods developed for HJ
* Work out plot to fit Stella by Yello

* Write remaining poems about the Edinburgh Festival (18 poems already typed)
* Collate best poems of the Festival
* Collate best photographs of the Festival
* Design and format the layout for the chapbook
* Consider some poems for submission to Circadian Poems

* Chase up query for RLS market
* Write four more articles for Great Scottish Authors (400-600 w each)
* Interview Ian Rankin
* Rework RLS article (poetry focus) for Circadian Poems (800 w)

Marketing and Promotion
* Bookmarks? (is it possible?)
* New round of leaflets for HJ (is it worthwhile?)
* Begin preparing a strategy for the Fringe Festival chapbook campaign
* Update my main website

Reading and Research
* Read Rick Lupert's chapbooks
* Read Tall Tales and short Stories Vol.2 for
* Keep up to date with KIC e-zines
* Finish Kidnapped by RLS
* Finish research book for future project

* Finish Rankin research
Colin 11:09 am


Wow, Colin. That's quite a list! Best of luck to ye in achieving yer goals. :)

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